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Give yourself and those around you peace of mind with our revolutionary air purifier

“Clean air starts here”

Find out about the Nano-tech- air

Breathe easy with top-rated Nano-tech- air purifiers


Filters air from virus, bacteria and smells in just 5 minutes

Patented Technology

Certificates of efficacy from leading laboratories

air purifier nanotech air

Innovative design

No filter to change- this makes it safer


Suitable for home or office use, cars and clinics

Nano-tech-air removes 99% of viruses*

The Only TiO2 Titanium Dioxide Sterilizer.

It works with nano technology and without filters so you don’t need to spend time cleaning or replacing parts. 


The Nano-tech- air radically eliminates harmful substances, viruses and bacteria from all environments and surfaces both in the car and in small rooms up to 30 m3. For larger rooms, multiple pieces can be installed.
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Yoga studios




What our clients say
I tried the device and found it easy to use, compact and excellent value for money.

Jose Luis Da Silva
Clinic owner
I bought two for my home and one for my car, I love it.

Mary Samuels
Graphic Designer
I put the product in my car and it cleans the air for customers. They love it, so it’s a good thing for them and for me.
Emille Dupont
Taxi driver, Cannes, France

Nano-tech-air has been designed with ease of use, safety and practicality in mind. Our air purifier is unique. We believe everyone should have clean air!

The tiniest and most powerful virus killer and air purifier. Imagine taking this with you everywhere. Perfect for home or business travellers. go for complete protection.